To Our Visitors

Fees ; Yearly Entry Pass


Adults (Over 16years old) 620 yen
Groups (over 30 persons) 520 yen
15 years old younger Free of charge
Yearly Pass (Adults) 2,510 yen

*Free of charge for elder people (over 70 years old) living in Kyoto city (show your official ID at the entrance)

*Free of charge for people (over 70 years old) and his/her care worker (just one person) if he/she is acknowledged as the ones who need a care (show your insurance certificate at the entrance)

*Free of charge if you have a certificate for one of the followings: the disabled, the ones with developmental disability, the war wounded, the atomic-bomb victim, or the ones with mental disorder (show your certificate at the entrance, your care worker is also allowed to enter)

Kyoto City Zoo Yearly Pass

Validity period 1 year from the first entry day
Price 2,510 yen
Instructions 1. After the purchase, write your signature on your pass
2. Put your photo on your pass before the second use
Notes 1. Show your pass at the entrance
2. Others cannot enter with your pass
3. Refund or reissuing are not available