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Otogi no KuniLife

Value of life, connection of life

  • Appreciate the value of life by experiencing contact with animals.
  • Learn about the relationship and history of domestic animals and pets that live with human beings.
  • Look, touch, and feel exhibitions that allow children and adults to enjoy and learn."

Fierce Animal WorldDiversity

-Let's explore differences-

  • Learn about the diversity of living things through exhibitions with felines from large to small.
  • View environments enriched for the animals' welfare, to create exhibitions that show energetic animals.
  • Find out about the current status of natural habitats and our work on activities linked to conservation in those habitats.

African GrasslandWatch

-Let's compare body structures-

  • Check out large herbivorous animals and birds in Savanna of Africa.
  • Learn about how body structures adapt to the environment and different life styles.
  • Find out about the current status of natural habitats and our work on activities linked to conservation in those habitats.

Tropical Animal House

There are separate areas with themes of "Light", "Water", and "Green".

Engage your senses of vision, hearing, smell, and touch in these facilities.

Gorilla HouseEvolution

Meeting with fellows that share our ancestors

  • To encourage movement by Western gorillas, who often spend their time relaxing in trees, poles and ropes are set up in the exhibition area surrounded by a fence they can use the space three-dimensionally.
  • Tempered glass is used for indoor exhibition rooms and outdoor exhibition areas so that forms and characteristics such as fingers and eyes, and behavioral pattern can be observed up close, and sounds and smells can be experienced.
  • A multi purpose room is provided to see their training for health management, and to provide an exhibition where you can feel the intelligence of the Western gorilla through the research of comparative cognitive science.

Forest of ElephantsWonderful/Great surprise

-Impressed by great intelligence and size-

  • Feel the intelligence of elephants by learning about their history as working animals and training for their health management.
  • This facility was designed so that a group of Asian elephants can be reared with the aim of breeding.

Forest of KyotoDiscovery

-Feel the rich forest-

  • This exhibition conveys the rich nature of Kyoto and teaches about the relationship between human beings and wild animals.
  • Learn more about familiar nature to contribute to nature conservation in the region.
  • Rare freshwater fish are protected and bred here.

Wildlife Rescue Center

In wildlife rescue center, we are engaged in the rescue activity of birds and mammals. When recovering from injury, they are released at proper location by official workers of Kyoto Prefecture. Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City started the cooperative wildlife rescue activity from 1975. This center was established in Oct. 1989 (Not open to the public).