AttentionTo Our Visitors

Etiquette in Zoo

  • Do not feed or give animals any food. It could be an indirect cause of death.
  • You can't enter the zoo with pets such as dog.
  • No smoking all around in the zoo.
  • You couldn't carry some devices which could make loud noise such as musical instruments, radio, portable speaker and etc.
  • It is not allowed food and drinks in the Animal Library, Animal Data Room, and Fairyland.
  • You'd better not eat food that you've prepared in the restaurant of zoo.
  • It's not allowed liquor in the zoo.
  • Bottles or cans that you brought in, please take those back, when you go.


  • It is not allowed to park in the streets around the zoo all day.
  • There are no special parking lots in the zoo.Please use Grand Parking Lots which is operated by city around Kyoto zoo.