Facilities Information

Animal Data Room

In this room we display specimens of animals either bred in the zoo or of special value.
These specimens might give you more information than just watching animals in the zoo. You can learn evolutionnary history of animals and their forms.

 After a long time for preparation, we finally started a special exhibision of tigers, for 2010 is s year of "Tiger."
History and memories of tiger breeding in the zoo, tiger skin and its skeleton, and habitat information are displayed. If interested, please visit the exhibision room in Animal library.


Working hours

・9:00 – 16:30(Mar – Nov)
・9:00 – 16:00(Dec – Feb)
*Note that we may change the contents of display without any announcement

Digital Database

History of Exhibision

Period Contents
1982 Panda exhibision for opening memorial. Permanent display of skeletons
1991 CITES Exhibision
1993 Exhibision for the 90th Anniversary
1994 Gorilla exhibision
1995 Permanent display
2001 Changes in permanent display
2002 Addition in permanent display(skeletons of tiger and sea lion, stuffed wolf)
2003 Exhibision of eggs and nests. Replica of elephant nose
2003 FLASH BACK Exhibision – Animals with Historical Value -
2005 Birds exhibision. Exhibision of horned animals. Exhibision of food and excreta
2006 Dog exhibision
2008 Panel display l & ll in memory of cooperation with WRC of Kyoto University. Stuffed chimpanzee
2009 Exhibision of cows and mice

◆Exhibision of cows and mice 2009